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Christmas All The Year

Christ chose to leave the glory of His heavenly position to be born as the incarnate man, Jesus. Therefore, when Christmas time arrives, people all over the world celebrate His birth in Bethlehem.

Even though the people of Israel had knowledge about the prophecies proclaiming that Messiah would come, very few realized that it was Him that was born in the stable in Bethlehem. The Three Wise Men were among the very few that anticipated a King, a Saviour, to appear at that time in history.

It is now more than 2000 years since Jesus walked on this earth. Before He returned to heaven, He promised to come again and take us home so ‘that where I am, there you may be also’. But we must be watchful so we don’t repeat history and forget this wonderful promise. The Bible tells us that He is coming soon. Make sure you are among those who are ready to receive your Saviour when He comes a second time.